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Welcome to Circle 10 AK!

Circle 10 AK, Inc., is Type 01 Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder specializing in military type firarms and accessories.  Our passion is the Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK) series of firearms.  We are a full service business and happy to attend to all your firearm and accessory needs.
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Blue Force Gear Vickers Standard AK Sling
Blue Force Gear Vickers Standard AK Sling
Sling Color

The Standard AK Sling was designed from the ground up to be the perfect sling for the world’s most prolific small arm to match the qualities of the AK – simple, durable, functional, and economical. If you have been long dissatisfied with the issue canvas strap or can’t seem to get commercial slings to fit right, this sling is for you.

We started with the Vickers Sling™ platform used by good guys the world over. With over 200,000 in use with the US military, the Vickers Sling with its quick adjust technology has a track record of being combat proven. Like the Vickers Sling, the Standard AK Sling can be instantly lengthened and shortened with no sling tail to get caught or parts to break. This allows close, secure weapon retention that can be carried all day, but instantly lengthened to be shouldered and fired without removing the weapon or untangling the sling. The sling can be sized to the individual, with or without body armor or other gear.

The Standard AK Sling comes with a Molded Universal Wire Loop™ threaded onto the front of the sling. Perfectly suited for the AK, the UWL™ attaches to the elongated eyelet on handguard retainer or gas block quietly and securely with nylon coated aircraft grade stainless steel cable. The UWL can also be passed through underneath the gas tube for left hand installation. The UWL is threaded on the front and can be removed for a more custom application.

The rear of the sling features two triglides to attach to buttstocks, folding stocks, wire stocks, or any other stock type.

Unique to the Standard AK Sling is the limited run of plum hardware. As a tribute to the famed Russian “plum” furniture and mags of the late 1980s, the plum hardware on OD and Coyote Brown slings is the finishing touch of such a unique sling.


  • AK-47, AK-74, or other AKM style rifles with front sling loops
  • Triglides on the back of the stock fit directly onto rear sling loops of wooden or polymer fixed stocks and side folding stocks
  • Fits on other weapon plans forms
  • Can be combined with additional sling hardware available separately


  • 1.25" solution dyed sling webbing
  • Overall length is adjustable to accommodate different sized weapons, with or without body armor or other gear


  • 1.25" solution dyed CORDURA webbing
  • BFG designed Nylon 6-6 hardware is quiet, light, and stronger
  • Simplified contrasting pull tab for easier adjusting
  • Molded Universal Wire Loop with push button socket threaded onto the front


Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-to-1 Padded AK Sling
Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-to-1 Padded AK Sling
Sling Color

While 2-point slings are ideal for most situations, there are times, like deploying from a vehicle or fighting in complex structures, when a 1-point sling has a clear advantage. Combining our new polymer Burnsed Socket and patented RED Swivel, the Vickers 221 Sling allows users to switch from 2-point to 1-point mode instantly by pulling on the RED Swivel knob and reinserting it in to the Burnsed Socket at the rear of the receiver. The instantaneous adjustability of the sling is still maintained in both 1 and 2 point modes.

Constructed similar to the world’s standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, a RED™ Swivel is sewn to the front of the sling towards the muzzle. A standard push button swivel and new molded Burnsed Socket are woven onto the rear allowing full adjustability of the sling for use with or without body armor.

The 221™ Sling fits any weapon with two QD sling swivel sockets with the rear socket towards the end of the receiver. For SCARS, Sigs, HKs, or other weapon systems with eyelets at the rear of the receiver, a Universal Wire Loop with Push Button Socket can be added instead of the included push button socket.


Weapons with two Push Button Sling Swivel sockets at the front and rear of the weapon


Overall sling length adjustability is maintained through the use of Acetal triglides on the sling

Sling Build:

  • 1.25" sling webbing
  • 2.00" tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding for padded models
  • Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
  • ITW GhilleTex™ Acetal hardware - a military grade, low IR plastic

RED™ Swivel Build:

  • Machined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Nylon coated,  double crimped directly to 7 strand stainless steel aircraft cable
  • Textured sphero-conical shaped pull knob
  • Stainless Steel internals


Manticore Arms Extended Alfa Rail
Manticore Arms Extended Alfa Rail


The EXTENDED ALFA RAIL Keymod forend for the standard patten AK gives the look and feel of a more traditional AK forend while giving the ability to mount Keymod accessories and other optional components, all while mouting exactly like the original handguard!

The forend is simply installed like any standard AK handguard and is held in place by the front handguard retainer.  An extremely precise and tight fight, in addition to careful design of the interface points with weapon ensures that the mounting is rock solid!  Weighing 10.3 ounces it is only a few ounces more than the original polymer or wood forends while giving over twice the mounting surface and handgrip area!

The picatinny upper covers allow you to mount an Aimpoint Micro and have co-witness with the iron sights.   Even better, the ALFA RAIL lower forend will work with the standard polymer or wood upper handguard, or even with an Ultimak railed upper gas tube!

Manufactured from solid billets of 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized black the EXTENDED ALFA RAIL upper and lower include instructions and all hardware necessary for installation and are 100% made in the USA.

CRH Customs AK Muzzle Brake
24mm Long, 3 Port - .30 Caliber
(24x1.5mm RH Threading)

CRH Customs AK Muzzle Brake - Long, 3 Port - .30 Caliber - (24x1.5mm RH Threading)
Russian-inspired muzzle brake, made here in the USA. Reduces felt recoil and compensates for muzzle rize due to angled ports. Black oxide finish. Overall length is 3.5" and weight is 5.7oz. Works with any 7.62x39mm AK rifle with a 24x1.5mm RH threaded muzzle. Counts as one 922(r) compliance part.
CRH Customs AK Muzzle Brake
14mm Long, 3 Port - .30 Caliber
(14x1mm LH Threading)

CRH Customs AK Muzzle Brake - Long, 3 Port - .30 Caliber - (14x1mm LH Threading)
Russian-inspired muzzle brake, made here in the USA. Reduces felt recoil and compensates for muzzle rize due to angled ports. Black oxide finish. Overall length is 3.5" and weight is 9.1oz. Works with any 7.62x39mm AK rifle with a 14x1mm LH threaded muzzle. Counts as one 922(r) compliance part.
AK-47 Shemagh
AK-47 Shemagh
Shemagh Color

You've seen these as backdrops for a lot of our items pictured.  Now you can have your own.  Available in FDE, OD and Choclate.  100% cotton, Size is 43"x41".

Aimpoint® ACO - $393.00
Aimpoint® ACO

The Aimpoint® Carbine Optic is designed specifically for modern sporting rifles, incorporating proven design features and premium Aimpoint quality at an entry level price point.  Customize the ACO to fit specific needs with a full line of accessory options.

Developed with the modern sporting rifle owner in mind, the ACO is ready to mount and shoot directly out of the box.  A 30mm aluminum alloy sight tube is paired with a rugged fixed height mount designed to provide absolute co-witness with AR-15 backup iron sights. 

The ACO utilizes a two Minute of Angle (2 MOA) red dot to allow maximum target acquisition speed and accuracy at all distances.  Aimpoint exclusive ACET technology allows for up to one year of constant-on use from a single DL1/3N battery.  With a completely waterproof housing, the sight can be used in almost all environmental conditions. 

Customize for Specific Requirements

With a full selection of branded accessories available, the ACO offers many options to fit nearly every user requirement.  Some popular accessories include front and rear flip covers, an anit-reflection filter and spare battery holders. 

Unique features for Aimpoint® Carbine Optic 

  • Up to 1 year of constant-on use on a single DL1/3N battery
  • Completely waterproof 
  • 2 Minute of Angle(2 MOA) red dot
  • Designed specifically for modern sporting rifles
  • Ready to mount directly out of the box 
  • Fixed height mount included – providing absolute co-witness with AR-15 backup iron sights
  • Full line of accessories available
  • Legendary Aimpoint quality and ruggedness at an entry level price point

Standard features for all Aimpoint® sights

  • Unlimited field of view
  • Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
  • Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • No hazardous materials
  • No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
  • Increased aiming confidence
Aimpoint® PRO - $424.00
Aimpoint® PRO

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is designed with input from a distinguished group of current and former professionals, the Patrol Rifle Optic incorporates many never before seen features to maximize this sight's performance within the challenging conditions faced by modern law enforcement.

A hard-anodized 30mm tube was utilized, enclosing a high efficiency circuit that allows the sight to be turned on and left on for up to three years using a single battery.

The front lens utilizes a unique band-pass coating, which allows the sight to be used with all generations of night vision devices. The modular QRP2 mount includes a removable spacer that indexes the sight at the optimal height for co-witness with the standard iron sights on AR15/M16/M4 Carbine style weapons. This spacer can be removed to enable the use of the sight on police shotguns or sub-machineguns. The QRP2 mount also incorporates a torque-limiting twist knob that provides the optimal level of pressure on the rail while completely eliminating the possibility of over-tightening. Both the front and rear lenses are recessed within the sight body to provide protection against impact damage, scratches, and fingerprints.

Flip covers are included to further protect the lenses, and a transparent rear lens cover is utilized allowing the user to engage a target with the lens covers closed in an emergency situation. A two Minute of Angle (2 MOA) red dot is utilized to allow maximum accuracy at all distances and under all environmental conditions.

Unique features for Patrol Rifle Optic

  • Always ready - always on. Turn it on for up to 3 years using one single battery.  No need to fumble with switches prior to use.

  • 2 minute of angle red dot for accurate target engagement at all distances.

  • In service date and battery change date reminders makes inventory tracking  and maintenance easy.

  • Enhanced speed on target and increased first shot hit probability when compared to iron sights and magnified scopes.

  • Compatible with all generations of night vision devices and may be used with Aimpoint 3X Magnifier and Concealed Engagement unit.

  • Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing. Rugged enough for real world conditions and waterproof to 150 feet.

  • Threaded front lens opening allows use of screw-in anti-reflection device (ARD).

  • Front and rear flip covers keep lenses clean.

  • Transparent rear flip cover allows use of the sight (with both eyes open) even with both covers closed in an emergency.

  • Battery and adjustment cap retainer straps means you will never lose your pieces.

  • Modular mount set up for use on flat-top AR15, M4 Carbine and M16 rifles.  (Adapter available for carry handle mounting, sold separately)

  • Removable spacer. Remove for use on shotguns and sub-guns.

  • QRP2 rail grabber mount. Snap knob three times for a perfect mount. Will not deform your rail like many other mounts.

  • Recessed lens openings helps prevent against impact damage,  fingerprints and scratches.
Ultimak AK Scope Mount - M1B
For Standard AKM/AK74 Pattern Rifles
 Ultimak AK Scope Mount - M1B For Standard AKM/AK74 Pattern Rifles
Replaces gas tube. Clamps directly to barrel for maximum stability, accuracy, and optimum bore alignment, allowing co-witness with some micro-dot style optics. Solid, one-piece 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum body. Comes with 4140 steel clamps, screws, allen wrench, and instructions. No Gunsmithing. Made in U.S.A.

*NOTE: Romanian Small Bore AKs Only: Romanian 5.45x39mm and 5.56x45mm caliber AKs require the SH-1 shim set to match the M1-B to the smaller barrel. Other European and Chinese smallbores will NOT need the shims. SH-1 shim set sold separately, contact us for assistance.

Ultimak AK Scope Mount - M15
For Yugo M92 or M92PAP AK Pistol
 Ultimak AK Scope Mount - M15 For Yugo M92 or M92PAP AK Pistol
Replaces gas tube. Clamps directly to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy. Allows for co-witnessing with some micro-dot style optics. Solid, one-piece 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum body. Comes with 4140 steel clamps, screws, allen wrench, and instructions. No Gunsmithing installation. Does NOT fit M85 pistols.
Armacon Enhanced AK Safety - Made In Russia
Armacon Enhanced AK Safety

Allows the user to manipulate the safety while keeping your hand on the grip. Made in Russia by Armacon. Does not function on Yugo pattern AKs.

Tdi-Arms EVO HHS (Hybrid Hand Stop)
Tdi-Arms EVO HHS (Hybrid Hand Stop)

In Stock &
Ready To Ship!
Handstop Color

The Tdi-Arms EVO HHS Hybrid Hand Stop is a lightweight, aluminum hand stop that can also be used in combination with verticle grips to provide a more stable shooting grip.
ALG Defense AK Trigger (AKT)
 ALG Defense AK Trigger (AKT)

The ALG AK Trigger (AKT) is a single stage trigger designed for the AK47 and AK74 variant platforms. The AKT features a smoother and shorter trigger pull than the stock trigger and is ideal for combat and home defense use. It is machined from triple alloy steel and has a corrosion resistant Manganese Phosphate finish.

The AKT features the Lightning Bow, which produces a very comfortable feel to the user over the stock trigger, while enhancing trigger control. For OEMs and builders, the AKT lends three parts towards 922(r) Compliance.

Bulgarian 4-Piece Flash Hider
 Bulgarian 4 Piece Flash Hider

FLASH HIDER – Original Bulgarian KRINKOV style 4-Piece Flash Hider. 24x1.5mm right-hand threading, chrome-lined.

Works with 7.62x39, 5.45x39, and 5.56x45 calibers. Also, works perfectly with Krinkov style, full length, and compact length (CR Type) rifles!

This is the ORIGINAL design of the 4-piece flash hider! There have been several attempts to duplicate this item, but copies fail to compare with the looks and functionality of this original.



Russian Roulette 5.45x39mm T-Shirt
Circle 10 AK U-Notch Peep Sight

Circle 10 AK U-Notch Peep Sight
Photo Courtesy of Rob Kay - On Target Hawaii
Introducing the new Circle 10 AK designed U-notch peep sight. Designed as an open peep sight hybrid with the functionality of a Fast Acquisition Sight. Black oxide finish, graduated to 800 meters. Direct replacement for the original AK rear sight.
Circle 10 AK Extended Charging Handle for AKs
Circle 10 AK Extended Charging Handle
Circle 10 AK Extended Charging Handle for AKs. Made with 1018 steel, these charging handles are 35 mm in length and weighs 53 grams.
Circle 10 AK Morale Patch
3" Diameter Velcro Backed 3D PVC
Circle 10 AK 3D PVC Morale Patch